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Lift your gaze from the controller back to the sky, where the drone is, and realize a new level of being in control.

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AR/MR/XR for pilots:

Situational awareness

Improved safety and enhanced efficiency of operations are the biggest gains with our Augmented Reality pilot view, as stated by the pilots themselves.

Improved productivity

By allowing missions in low or partial visibily the business opportunities grow to new areas.

Always in control

Never again does the pilot have to guess: "Where is the drone now?", "Which way could it be pointing at?", "What's the status of the system in this hairy situation? Can't really look at the controller now..."


The field of applications is wide and includes various industries like oil & gas, power, agriculture, construction, inspection, fire & rescue, security and much more.


Working with our first customers and building partnerships with some of the big players, we are already improving the life of professional drone pilots.


Want to be involved in the revolution in drone control? Whatever your industry is, stay in touch with us and get to be among the first ones to hear about our next release!

Is AR the Future of BVLOS?

We asked a friend of Anarky Labs, Stephen Sutton, CEO of The Fly By Guys to take a look at our system.

We think he liked it. Have a watch as Christmas comes early for Stephen in a demo he describes as amazing.  

By enhancing the situational awareness of professional drone pilots, we are not only helping them but entire businesses.


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